She wasn’t afraid to think.. These are the questions she would ask.

Everything around us- animate or inanimate involves numbers or mathematics. Numbers are finite and infinite. Can life be measured in its entirety? Life as we know it spans over a vast period of time, immeasurably really, which could mean its number is infinite. In math, if an answer equals infinity it means the answer of that equation is perpetual. What then does that mean? Does it ever stop or does it reach a point that is unstoppable and immeasurable? Or is infinity a continued arithmetic journey to a place of nothingness where anything immeasurable ends and starts again?

What if nothingness is the climax of somethingness? Afterall, life is filled with many paradoxes. Life in itself is the perfect paradox. Death is life and life is death. They coexist in perfect harmony. Without one the other ceases to exist. The complexities and infinite things of life are endless.  What if everything we think is real are little snippets of our sub-consciousness? What differentiates a dream from a reality? Maybe… They are parallel. Many a time reality feels like a dream and a dream like reality. So how do you know which you are actually in? Could we all be sleeping in this big dream called “reality” and our only hope of being awake is actually in death? (The inevitable event we all fear so deeply).

Can man made conclusions truly represent the fullness of life’s dynamics? Can this flawed humane consciousness fully grasp the wonders of things pre-existing our own birth?

Think about it: What if it’s all a dream.. What if we all need to just WAKE UP!



One thought on “She wasn’t afraid to think.. These are the questions she would ask.”

  1. Great write… powerful thoughts…philosophic reasoning with great imagination…it truly captivated me for a moment…i was lost in the possibilities of life…it made me question my own reality…i thoroughly enjoyed it 😉

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