Disaster = Awakening

Why do humans have to wait for disaster to strike for us to realize and appreciate the true essence of the things that matter the most? Why do we have to have a tsunami of chaos for us to realize that what we had was truly peace and serenity?

Disaster, or should I say, awakening.. Because really a disaster is one of the truest awakening one could get. A physical disaster, an emotional disaster or a disaster of death, they all have one main after effect. They all bring our minds into deep intense retrospection and introspection. The livid realizations that disasters plunge our minds into seeing is a beautiful act in my opinion.

Think of the moment one sees buildings falling all around them, or the sea lifting up itself into a grande tsunami.. There are rocks falling everywhere, mountains are sinking, glasses r breaking.. Everything becomes nothing all at once and what is left is the essence of it all. You stand there facing death in the eye, beseeching it for a second chance to life and your mind isn’t captivated by an exam you have tomorrow or an assignment you have to upload by 11:55pm tonight, ALL that your brain cells can process is.. Survival. Death.The end.

I’ve always found disasters to be a double fold beauty. It takes away but it gives so much. In that, in one moment of disaster a person can learn a lesson that would probably take them their entire lives to learn. Its like it forces the mind into acute and precise consciousness. It triggers an awakening. It triggers that acceptance of death and it triggers that whole essence of life, that we miss so often.

The next time a disaster strikes don’t be in such a hurry to flee because maybe that second of disaster could be your moment of freedom, maybe it could be your moment of an awakening.

Not every disaster ends at “disaster” and not every “end” is the end. 


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