Rain- My Soother

The rain, for some if not most is a nuisance or something that they are actively seeking to get away or hide from. But as for me, I don’t run from the rain, I run to it.. And embrace its intricacies. I run to the earthy, eerie scent it breeds, the cool breeze it comes with and the beautiful raindrops that descend from the heavens. I find rain falling to be a very interesting happening. I mean, I find the rain much more interesting than some human beings. I would sit and watch the rain for hours on end, but with some humans, after a couple minutes, its either I am bored out of my mind or rushing to escape that interaction… The rain never dissapoints.

So the next time rain falls, don’t hurriedly fetch your umbrella and dash for an enclosed area, but, rest awhile and immerse yourself in the imagery before you. Nothing is more beautiful than nature. Nothing superceeds the purely natural.


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