Music to my ears

hat blissful morning when I woke, I was greeted with the piercing sound of my mother’s voice; yelling out my name, shouting “Hurry up and get ready!” I followed the voice until I was almost facing my mother. I could hear her ragged breath mixed with excitement and annoyance and I took that as my queue to get dressed speedily.

Upon arriving at the beautiful yet overcrowded Dolphin Park, I was ushered in by the security guard and immediately, a rush of combined chatter from all over bombarded my awareness. At first, it took me a bit off guard with its intensity but as the day progressed I had gotten so accustomed to the clutter of incessant noise that those little moments of flickering silence, was almost unrecognisable. My mind had begun creating replicas of the noise it had grown to know. My eardrum eagerly picked up the various native tongues in the crowd, I could not understand them all, but after a while a melody was created and it was music to my ears, literally.
When we finally made it to the area where the dolphins were in action, the splashing of water was so loud I was wondering if my ears were playing tricks on me due to overwork. To my delight, they were indeed on point, because when my eyes beheld what my ears were hearing, all my senses jumped to the stimuli the dolphins created. Not only did I hear the splashes of water but I also felt, saw and smelt it. In that moment, it was like a beautiful indulgence of all my senses and to say I was intrigued would be a utter understatement.
That glorious day at the Dolphin Park was definitely an experience to always remember. After all, my ears will never let me forget.

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