Self Journey

Real love and oneness is something we are all looking for but are we looking in the right places? We are so busy looking on the outside that we forget to look within, which is the most important. The moment a person completely embraces and loves themself is the moment they are capable of purely loving someone else. A concept most of us have wrongly reciprocated. Loving someone will not fill the void that is present because we refuse to love ourselves. Nothing and no one can love you for you. It is something we have to do independently and this is the ultimate journey. Loving the darkness and the light, loving the highs and lows, embracing those moments of doubt as well as those of absolute knowing is the place we need to reach. Where we can see ourselves for who we really are. We have to get completely naked with ourselves as there is no room for pretense. Pretense is the cowardly man-made disguise that we have gotten so accustomed to wearing.

The Bible says, “What profit is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” But what greater loss it is for us to not even know our own soul because we have spent all our lives disguising it. It is like losing something you never knew you had.


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