Unrequited Love

Love in itself is a very sensitive and complex phenomena so to add unrequited to the picture, isn’t good news. Unrequited love feels like giving your heart away and only to not get it back. Its like trying to breathe but having the person run off with your lungs so you are left to suffocate on your feelings. Try to imagine what Jacob felt when his love for Bella was not returned. Incessant emotional torture must have been a common experience for him. I have never experienced unrequited love before, but I am one to empathize and so I can allow my imagination to go on a ride for a bit. My mind travels to a place where I am locked into a small, dark room where my only escape is completely dependent on how the key holder feels about me. Or to a place where I am the intruder in my own house.The person who isn’t reciprocating the love could be doing it intentionally or unintentionally but for a case where the individual is aware and rejects me constantly, I imagine that would feel like hell on earth.

The funny thing about love is that you have zero control over who you love, the heart wants what it wants they say. So why should I be punished for loving this person? Missing someone who isn’t mine, lusting and dreaming whilst knowing that the feeling is far from mutual. Sometimes, we fall in love with people we know we cannot have. We want what we have not while forgetting that what we have now was what we previously had not and what we merely hoped to have. I would never wish the experience of unrequited love on my worst enemy as no human should endure such emotional torment. I can close my eyes to the things I wish to not see, I can close my mind to the things I wish to not ponder but I cannot close my heart to the things I don’t want to feel. The heart is untamed, its wild and its free. Unrequited love is one of humanity’s many limitations on something so freeing and uncontrolled. The heart is one of the few things that humans cannot put in a box. I mean the ribcages are there, but the heart still wants what it wants.

This type of love can be detrimental where the person who is experiencing the unreturned love, even starts questioning the importance of their existence and self worth. They start doubting their value as a person because desperation is at the forefront, logics is at the back burner, and hurt is the meal of the day… But hang in there heart, you will get through all this pain. Afterall, nothing lasts forever. Not even this insurmountable pain you are feeling right now; it will pass.


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